About Us

What Separates Us

Self-performing entity:

  • In house skilled labor and equipment positioned in the Middle East with the ability to be quickly deployed throughout the region
  • USG and NGO contracting and technology know-how
  • Technology driven delivery: smarter, safer, on-time and to budget with real time visibility
  • US executive and site management personnel with decades of experience in region

Union of complementary execution capabilities:

  • SRG, an 8a Contractor, providing clients decades of successful delivery of international USG and commercial projects and services.  In-house experienced Project Managers, Superintendents, QC Engineers, Safety and Security professionals, ensuring projects are delivered on time, to budget, and with quality, safety, and security.
  • Kulak, a Turkish Contractor established in 1943, providing clients turnkey construction capability. In-house skilled labor and equipment for self-performance of key project features along with a network of specialty Subcontractors to include MEP, fire protection, etc.